Our special concert in Brussels

Created by Heidi on 25/07/2017
George, we saw you perform so many times across the world and have so many special memories. The show in Brussels,was just one of our special moments with you. We always looked forward to seeing you perform in this arena, it's small and intermit and has a lovely vibe about it. We were lucky enough to pull up 2 front row centre tickets during the fan club pre sale and were delighted to find out that 2 friends were seating next to us. Excitement was growing rapidly as we approached 8pm. While the house lights were still up we suddenly noticed a shadow behind the curtain. We bent down and looked under the curtain and saw your feet at the top of the steps. We shouted at you but you didn't hear us. We then decided to try again and after a count of 3 we said " Hi George"....you bent down and gave us a wave and fixed us with that gorgeous smile of yours. We were in heaven, while everyone else around us were just confused as to why we were so excited and happy. A few seconds later the venue lights went off and the show started.
Love you always Helen and Heidi x